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Who Needs an Underwriter Anyway?

February 12, 2014 | BY DANNI PEDIGO

In the ever growing field of IMO’s, it can be difficult telling what sets one marketing company apart from another. One of the most tangible benefits you’ll find in working with Davis Life & Annuity is our agents’ access to a team of highly skilled underwriters. Because we work closely with our carriers, we have in-depth understanding of the issues you’re likely to encounter, and can help you navigate the underwriting process to ensure the best possible outcome.

Consider the following benefits in working with Davis Life & Annuity:

1. You’ll have access to our underwriting team on issues before and during the application process

2. Our underwriters are available to talk directly with you at any time

3. Our underwriters are available to speak with the carriers’ underwriters on potential issues

4. We have the ability to discuss ratings with the carriers’ underwriters when necessary

5. You’ll receive advice on how to present a client to the carrier in the best possible light

6. If needed, you’ll receive medical and financial guidance for writing cover letters of explanation to the carrier

Is it possible to submit a difficult case and be approved without a team of underwriters on your side? Of course, but providing that extra bit of support and expertise is what sets us apart from other IMOs, and gives you a leg up on the competition.

Give us a call at 800.747.5612 before you submit your next case. We will help you navigate through all the underwriting hurdles your client may face.

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