The Core, The Core, The Core

May 30, 2014 | BY BRIAN DAVIS

We all get distracted by the newest and greatest, not just at our jobs, but in our personal lives as well. I know that I cannot wait until the new iPhone 6 comes out and blows everyone’s mind because it has a bigger screen…WOW! Bells and whistles on life and annuity products are the same. They may look a little different, but it’s the engineering and company behind them that make them so valuable to consumers.

Every year we see new features, but Sales 101 tells you that people don’t buy features, they buy benefits. How does the new latest feature really benefit the client? Maybe the question is simply “Does it?” It seems to me that when an agent gets behind a new product feature and starts seeing the sales come in, that the feature is then reduced or taken away completely.

At Davis Life and Annuity we understand the power of innovation, but we know that there is simply a core group of carriers out there that stand by their word and don’t distract us from the reality of the perceived benefit of these new features.

The message is this, shopping the market is not a bad thing for your client, but understanding what’s under those bells and whistles is where we can help. We appreciate the opportunity to become your Financial Services Partner…For Life.

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