Let’s Get Social

Let’s Get Social

June 27, 2014

You have stellar employees, top-notch products and a client-first attitude, so what else can you do to attract more business? Try getting a little social.

There are multiple social media outlets that can help you get your message out. Let’s take a look at the Big Three:


Facebook is more than just a place to see what your friends from high school are up to. This is a great platform for sharing articles, company messages and photos. Facebook helps you showcase a human side to the company.

In a business setting, Facebook is best utilized with an official business page, while personal Facebook pages should be kept personal.


Twitter is ideal for connecting with others in the industry, from similar businesses to related publications. This is a great place to insert you and your business into the conversation.

Here, it’s important to have an official company Twitter profile that broadcasts the organization’s news, products and services. But, this is also an opportunity to add a face to the company through personal – yet professional-minded – Twitter accounts. These accounts can be utilized so company leadership and team members can provide insight into their own experience in the business.


This is the most business-minded social media asset available. For a business page, it can showcase products and services, as well as create a forum for discussion. Try posting an article that relates to an industry trend and ask what your followers think about it.

On personal LinkedIn pages, use this as a platform for your credentials. Use your page as a resume and let clients know how much experience you have. When a potential client “Googles” you (which many will), one of the first links that will show up will be your LinkedIn page. Use this to your advantage and brag about your successes on here. In addition, you can join LinkedIn groups that share your interests and build your connections there.

So, why use social media?

Social media is a great way to build on the brand of you and your organization – for free. It allows you another path to reach new and existing clients. In addition, it lets your client know that you want to engage them in conversation and interact with them in ways other than phone calls or meetings.

A social media presence also lets people know that you and your company are on top of evolving industry trends.

What next?

Start by creating accounts and finding others to connect with. From there, observe on how they utilize social media to get their point across. Once you are comfortable, start sharing your comments, insights and articles.

One of the most important things about building a social media presence is a strong commitment to it. Make sure you are checking in on our your accounts everyday so that you can respond to comments and find others to connect with. In addition, it’s important to consistently post content so your followers know they can rely on you for your insights.

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