Would You Like to Super-Size That?

July 7, 2014 | BY JAMIE PETERSON

We live in a world that is upgrade-happy. Would you agree? You know the spiel… You’re going through your favorite drive-thru for lunch, and what do you say? Come on, we know you say it: “SUPER-SIZE that #7 combo meal!” Or, while punching the buttons at the carwash, you think to yourself “Hmmm, I’m going to get that ‘super deluxe jumbo fantastic’ carwash package, the one that includes the underbody flush, windshield wiper shine and shiny wheel rim super scrub package.” Oh, how we love our shiny rims! And when was the last time you knew anyone (besides me of course), who happily subscribed to the most basic, i.e. CHEAP, cable T.V. package available? I still get razzed about that (however, I’ve since upgraded my service after discovering HGTV — wahoo!)

See what I mean? Eventually, most of us decide we want a little more than the very basic package, and when the time/offer is right, we’re willing to pay a little extra to get it.

Now think about your clients… Do you have a client or two sitting on the fence, unhappy with their current returns or features? Why not touch base with those clients, see if they might consider ‘upgrading’ to one of the new products that focus on accumulation with higher cap rates or a lucrative dual bonus feature. Yes, additional fees are part of the deal, but many clients are happy to pay them if it means their money is going to go a little (or a lot) further in their retirement years.

Getting inspired? Before picking up that phone, research annuities your clients currently have and what issues might come into play, such as suitability. Then call your Davis Life & Annuity marketer to discuss how the new annuities that offer increased earning potential and added benefits can work for your clients. We have exciting new products approved in many states, with more on the way, that boast great performance and seriously “super-sized” cap rates. Now, get moving – this is truly opportunity knocking!

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