Making Life Insurance Easy for the Annuity Producer – Part 1

Making Life Sales Easy for the Annuity Producer

July 25, 2014 | BY AL STOCKWELL

Part 1 – Offer to Review Clients Existing Life Policies

Making the transition from annuity sales to life sales can be tricky, there’s no question about that. As someone who is constantly trying to get successful annuity agents over to life sales, I am always trying to make it easy for them to present another opportunity to their clients.

One of the best ways for the agent to write a lot of life business is simply through a policy review. When we look at the statistics, over 60% of Americans already have life insurance in place. When we do our review, we are able to find a better solution for the client about 70% of the time.

What constitutes a “better solution”? Well, we look at four main characteristics:

•  Lowering the premium

•  Increasing the death benefit

•  Extending their guarantees

•  Adding living benefits

Most of the time we are able to improve several of these characteristics. I like to say that some other agent has already done the hard part for you…they convinced that client to purchase life insurance…now it’s your chance to come in and help improve their situation.

All we need from your end are a few basic pieces of information that can be gathered from the client’s annual statement, so in a matter of minutes, we can tell you what the opportunity is for you and your client.

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