Making Life Sales Easy for the Annuity Producer – Part 3

Making Life Sales Easy for the Annuity Producer

August 11, 2014 | BY AL STOCKWELL

Part 3 – Present Your Clients with SPL Products, Avoid Suitability and Gain Added Benefits

I want to discuss Single Premium Life products as an alternative to an annuity sale. With simplified underwriting, the timing of this sale can be quicker, and offer several attractive benefits.

Here are some other factors that agents love and have contributed to the huge popularity of these products:

•  Double digit premium bonus

•  Indexed for nice accumulation

•  Living benefits for nursing home and chronic care

•  Return of premium

•  Commissions are higher than annuities

•  No suitability headaches

Not convinced? Give us a call — lets compare your last annuity sale with this option and see how it would have performed in comparison. I am confident you will find a spot for this product and sell a lot more life insurance because of it.

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