New Business Got You Running in Circles?


Can you relate (a little too well) to the photo above? How can something that seems so simple and obvious, be so difficult?! Submitting new life business can sometimes feel the same way. It seems that after sending in an application, the next step should be approval (or rejection), everyone should get paid (or not), and then life should move on, right???

We’ve all been there, you think something is pretty straightforward, and it turns into an exhausting cycle where nothing seems to get accomplished without an incredible amount of effort: “Another form, really?” or “How many signatures do they need?!” It’s easy to wonder if that big payout is worth all the hassle. If this sounds at all familiar, we want to assure you there are steps you can take to reduce the frustration and keep the flow of business moving forward.

Internally we use our life New Business Agent Checklist to “scrub” new business applications before sending them onto our carriers. We encourage you to use this as a quick reference of everything that needs to be submitted to ensure the smoothest processing of your application.

We can’t guarantee this will take care of every issue 100% of the time, BUT it can definitely reduce the amount of time you spend running in circles, seemingly with no end in sight!

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