National Life Insurance Awareness Month

National Life Insurance Awareness Month

September 22, 2014 | BY CAITLIN DAVIS

This September, we are celebrating National Life Insurance Awareness Month. In honor of this month, we’ve posed the following question to Davis Life & Annuity team members: “Why do you buy life insurance?”

Co-Owner Jon Davis:

“Our father (Davis Life & Annuity Founder Ron Davis) often recalls that when he first became an agent, one of his first clients was a farmer in Dyersville. Not long after that, the farmer was killed in a farming accident and dad delivered the death benefit to the widow. She thanked him so much for helping her. She said she did not know what she would have done without that money. Dad said that was the moment when he really got it…life insurance helps people when they need it the most.”

Co-Owner Trent Davis:

“The idea of life insurance is the equivalent of hiring someone to pay off bills, provide income, college funding, cancel a mortgage, keep a business going, pay for a special needs person and give to charity. Today’s NEW life insurance can be designed for the insured’s own living benefits that include paying for health care, supplement income and the newest kind can pay-out the entire death benefit amount prior to your own death.”

Marketing Assistant Julie Gorham:

“So that my hopes and dreams for my family don’t die when I do.”

Commissions/Marketing Assistant Sarah Albracht:

“Because the Long Term Care rider on a Single Premium Life policy will ensure that we don’t spend our twilight years convalescing in a place that was featured on a television news show.”

“I am the sole breadwinner in my household, and my family’s security is my top priority.”

“The critical illness rider on my life policy guarantees that a serious illness will not destroy my family’s finances.”

Senior Accountant Brent McLaren:

“To help protect my family’s future in case I am not able to be there.”

“Life insurance helps me know that if I am gone, my family can still look forward to the same opportunities in life they have now.”

Office Manager Jean Marie Kubrak:

“My number one wish is to buy a policy with a long-term care rider…I want to be sure I will be taken care of if I end of needing nursing home care.”

Life Marketing Executive Brian Davis:

“I buy life insurance to make sure the burden of my life choices don’t negatively impact my families pocket book.”

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