Get Over Overselling

Get Over Overselling

November 5, 2014  |  BY SARAH ALBRACHT

Sales expert Colleen Francis probably said it best when she said “Overselling happens when we promise a customer that they will get more than what they need when they don’t need it…” Even the best agents in the industry have lost a sale because they got so excited about the features of a product that they lost sight of the client’s core needs. It is a common situation: the client becomes overwhelmed by the wealth of information and becomes either confused or skeptical. Confusion and skepticism both lead to hesitancy, hesitancy leads to resistance, and resistance leads to rejection. When asked how they keep from overselling agents and clients, several of our marketers at Davis Life & Annuity had some interesting insights:

AL: Avoid showing too many illustrations and confusing the client. Clients can get easily turned off if they are shown a bunch of numbers that, in all reality, make no sense to them. They want to know what they are getting, bottom line, for their money.

BRENDA: “Backup, listen, and switch gears. I make sure to ask the telling questions first, and then take a minute to absorb the answers. I also prepare a backup strategy in case my original idea isn’t working.”

BRIAN: “Understand your value proposition to the prospect; be concise and use common language to convey your message. Remember the two or three key benefits and keep referring back to them.”

JAMIE: “I think duct tape works really well! Seriously, though, I think backing off a bit works because it gives you a chance to listen to what your client needs and where they are lost.”

RENA: “First, I get to know the agent’s needs to see if there is a fit to what I have to offer. I focus on the fact that it’s not about selling a product, it’s about selling a solution.”

Sarah Albracht


Commissions/Marketing Assistant, Davis Life & Annuity


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