The New Year is Almost Here; Have You Taken Your RMD?

With shopping for presents, visiting family members, attending parties, and making yearly donations to charity, it is easy to understand why clients don’t want to think much about financial planning in December. However, December is the most crucial time of the year to review your clients’ retirement accounts. Specifically, have your clients taken their Required Minimum Distributions? There are just over three weeks left in the year, and clients aged 70 1/2 or older need to make sure their tax-sheltered annuities, IRAs and 401k accounts will not be penalized because funds were not properly distributed. Many agents find that this is a great way to reconnect with clients, and that accountholders appreciate the personal attention. This is also a great way to set appointments to review portfolios and offer new ways to maximize performance of investments. So remember to pick up the phone and get in touch with your customers. The time you spend reaching out could be worth a fortune!

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