Disability Insurance – What Your Clients Don’t Know May Cost Them

May is Disability Insurance Month. Have you talked to your clients lately about this often overlooked coverage? According to the non-profit group Council for Disability Awareness, 12% of Americans are classified as disabled workers. More than half of those are aged 18-64.

Given that the average disability claim lasts nearly three years, yet fewer than half of American households regularly save any of their income, there is a definite need for individual disability insurance.
Many people assume Disability Insurance is not needed because: A) they are covered under an employer’s plan, and B) they believe they would qualify for Social Security benefits. What they fail to realize is that these benefits will not come close to satisfying missed income; typical workplace disability is only 60% of regular salary, and as of 2012 the average SSDI payment was $1130 per month.

It also takes several weeks of enduring a lengthy approval process to receive benefits. How can a family with little to no savings get by during that time? Now is the time to talk to your clients about Disability Insurance. The marketing team at Davis Life & Annuity can help you find the best products for your clients, as well as valuable insight on adding disability riders onto other products. Call us today, your clients’ futures may depend on it!

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