Remind Your Clients to Stay Safe During Summer Fun

by Sarah Albracht | July 9, 2015

Summer is an awesome time of year! We have days of seemingly endless sunlight that are filled with swimming, fishing, gardening, barbeques, and going on countless vacation adventures. There is something about the warm weather and carefree days that make us shed our abandon and try exciting new adventures that we never would have thought to do before. Anybody up for white water rafting, maybe, or rock climbing? With all the fun to be had, what could possibly do wrong?

Sadly, plenty can go wrong. According to the Center for Disease Control comprehensive health report published in 2014, deaths due to accidental injuries were the fifth leading cause of mortality nationwide. In addition, there were more than 27 million unintentional-injury emergency room visits last year alone. Kaiser Permanente reported in a 2014 study that ER visits for injuries increase by approximately 25 percent during the summer months. James Baker, MD of Kaiser Permanente also notes that swimming pool and outdoor activities were two of the top reasons for emergency room visits.

These injuries can be troubling because not only are they often preventable, insurance companies must investigate claims before they are paid to ensure recklessness was not a factor in the injury. Insurance companies are typically allowed two years to investigate, too. Some claims stemming from extreme sports activities such as surfing and sky-diving might not be covered by your client’s disability policy or life insurance at all if the claim happens during the contestability period, or if the insurance company uncovers evidence that participation in an extreme sport was fraudulently omitted from the original application. Remind your clients that it is better to be honest and pay a few dollars more than risk not having the misfortune of both an injury and a denied claim.

This is the time of year for baseball games, gardening, and state fairs. However, it is also the time of year that too many unfortunate accidents happen. Now is the time to reach out to your clients to remind them to review their coverage and stay safe. You will be glad you did!

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