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Need to Shake the Summer Slump? Life Insurance Reviews Might be for You!


We all feel it at this time of year. The call of summer beckons us. It’s hard to focus on sales calls and illustrations when you long to be getting 18 holes in at the golf course or out on the ol’ fishing boat catching your limit in trout.

It’s even harder to stay focused when your clients are not focused on their finances. Let’s face it, summer comes right after tax returns get dispersed, and the combination of the two can put long-term financial planning on the back burner for many clients.

That’s why we at Davis Life & Annuity try to come up with ways to help you present the value of your financial planning business. One of the best ways we have found is the Life Insurance Review. June and July are the perfect months to get back in touch with your existing clients, whether it be with a client appreciation picnic, calling to wish them happy Father’s Day, or wishing them happy Independence Day. Why not take a moment to review your clients’ policies with them as well? The Life Insurance Review forms take mere minutes to complete, and we do all the legwork for you!

Capture Brian Life review

Please enjoy the video by Life Marketing Executive Brian Davis explaining how valuable Life Insurance Reviews are to your practice, and how simple they are to conduct. Then call us at 800-757-5612 and let us go to work for you!

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