All About Contracting: It’s Easier Than You Think

Have you ever wanted to contract with a new carrier or two, but held back because contracting is a hassle?

If your answer to the question above was yes, the latest video from Life Marketing Director Al Stockwell is just what you need! Al hosts Life Contracting Coordinator Amanda Moede as she explaines, step by step, how Davis Life & Annuity uses SureLC by Surance Bay to ensure your contracting requests take you minutes to complete online, instead of hours on paper. Amanda clarifies important steps that are sometimes overlooked, and why producers should be proactive about addressing issues they might believe would impact the appointment process.

Capture An and Amanda

CLICK HERE to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to watch informative videos and learn more about contracting, underwriting, life application processing, and many more topics to come. You can even leave a comment about a question YOU want to have answered, too.

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