Make Your Sales Pitch Better Than Ever! We Know the Secrets.

The importance of a winning sales presentation cannot be overstated. But is your sales pitch really the best that it could be? Sujan Patel, Co-founder of ContentMarketer.io, published six steps for enhancing your presentation.

  • Be concise with your words. Does your sales pitch go on too long? Are you sure?

  • Use an anecdote. People like references they can relate to. Combine a personal experience, or perhaps a relevant adage, to break up the monotony of charts and numbers.

  • Use, but don’t overuse, visuals. Powerpoints, graphs, charts, oh my! Yes, a slide or two is a great way to illustrate a point, as are a few graphs, but too much visual stimulation and your audience becomes overwhelmed.

  • Focus on the speech, and keep your visuals clear and infrequent. Remember, the more an audience has to read on a Powerpoint slide, the less time they have to listen.

  • For the visuals you do use, make them count. Large font, bold graphics, clear message. If the font has to shrink to fit, are there too many words?

  • Vary the tone of the presentation. Be serious, but also take lighthearted moments. You don’t have to be a joke-teller, but a few moments to show your personality go a long way in reaching your audience.
  • We hope these sales tips, originally published March 27, 2017 at Entrepreneur.com help take your next sales pitch from blah to BRAVO! And seriously, watch how many words you put on the slides. That is all.

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