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Life Review Program

The Simplicity Des Moines Life Review Program is designed to maximize your client’s premium dollars and provide an objective evaluation of their existing life insurance policies, the result of which may lead to a recommendation for policy changes.

The Life Review Program is a very simple process to incorporate into your existing practice. It requires no more than 2 signatures; often times we don’t even need a client’s signature to get the process started. More importantly there is no cost or obligation to you or your clients.

The Life Review Program works well with the following types of life cases:

  • Term, Whole Life, VUL, Universal Life
  • Trust-Owned Life Insurance With Banks or With Other Trustees
  • Health and Smoker Rated Life Cases
  • Any Life Policy With $10K+ Annual Premiums

What this review program does is look at in-force life policies that have been written. The business coaches at Simplicity Des Moines will put together a detailed report comparing your client’s or prospect’s existing policy against what is available in today’s marketplace.

How to get started

Are you ready to begin your own life reviews? Feel free to download our life review templates below. These templates are welcome letters that offer you a way to reintroduce yourself to your clients, and explain the importance of the life review. Feel free to personalize these letters to fit your business needs.

Standard Life Review Introduction Letter

Life Review – Generic Letter Trust Dept

Life Review – Generic Letter Policy Info

In-Force Illustration Request Form

The Complete Life Review Kit

Preliminary Underwriting Questionnaire

Have additional questions? Call the Life Marketing Business Coaches at Simplicity Des Moines today at 800-747-5612 or CLICK HERE to send us a message.

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