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AAP Announces Name Change – New Board Members

Phoenix, Arizona, January 10, 2018: The Board of Directors for AAP, formally known as Americans for Annuity Protection, voted unanimously to change the name and the mission of the organization to incorporate the wide range of products serving Americans’ financial planning needs.

“Americans today need a wide range of insurance products that provide guaranteed protection for their savings,” announced Paul Feldman, AAP Chairman and Publisher of InsuranceNewsNet magazine. “We need to advocate and educate on behalf of consumers to ensure easy access to annuities, life insurance and long term care products and Americans for Asset Protection will do just that,” he continued.

Americans for Asset Protection will devote its time in 2018 advocating for consumers’ rights to an effectively regulated marketplace fostering financial independence through guaranteed and insured asset protection products. AAP’s state and federal policy priorities will be expanded to include life insurance and long term care products.

In addition, the AAP Board unanimously approved the nominations of three new Board Members. Joining the Board are Glenda Bean, Steven Pitzner and Dennis Robinson.

Glenda Bean, ALMI, AAP’s newest member, is a compliance professional, manages and coordinates the Currin Compliance education and training services. Her experience with training clients along with speaking about compliance topics at industry events, plus her natural talent and easy-going personality was a perfect fit to lead this program. She also has several years of experience reviewing advertising for compliance for insurers, marketing intermediaries, and agents.

Steven R. Pitzner, who will also serve as AAP Treasurer, has vast experience, credentials, qualifications, and practice as an Attorney and CPA including legal strategies for corporate clients in major civil litigation matters, corporate mergers and acquisitions, trust administration, estate and tax planning, and real estate.

Dennis R. Robinson has spent twenty-five years in Information Technology and Leading Insurance Corporate leadership roles including: Senior IT Management Leadership Team in Advanced Technology with a Fortune 150 $30B Insurance Company.

“All three of our newest Board members embody the spirit of AAP’s mission and vision and bring talent, expertise and energy to the table. We are very fortunate to have them by our side as we continue to strengthen AAP’s advocacy and education for a better asset protection marketplace”, Kim O’Brien, CEO.

2018 Board of Directors:

Paul Feldman, Chairman

Kim O’Brien, MBA, MFA, Vice Chairman

Steven R. Pitzner, Secretary, Treasurer

Glenda Bean, ALMI

John Gilliam, Ph.D., MBA, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®

Dennis R. Robinson

Richard M. Weber, MBA, CLU®, AEP® (Distinguished)

About Americans for Asset Protection

Americans for Asset Protection advocates for consumers’ rights to an effectively regulated marketplace fostering financial independence through guaranteed and insured asset protection products.
Americans for Asset Protection’s purpose is to protect and preserve the consumer’s access to reliable guidance and assistance through:

  • Education and Research
  • Experienced and Trained professionals
  • Competitive and Suitable products

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