Davis Life & Annuity: Legacy’s IMO of the Year

From left to right: Niju Vaswani, Ron Davis, Preston Pitts, Lynda Pitts, Trent Davis, PJ Behrens, Craig Rodamaker celebrate with a quick smile. Ron, Trent and PJ were very proud to represent Davis Life & Annuity.

A special message from Trent Davis:

The year of dedication and hard work paid off for Davis Life & Annuity. To say it was a challenging year is putting it mildly. The DOL Fiduciary Rule had most of the industry, from clients to national carriers, in a near-panic over what was going to happen to the annuity industry, and when. And the strong market growth made sales of both life insurance and annuities extremely difficult.

But we made it through.

Together we overcame obstacles. We turned the new restrictions imposed by the DOL into opportunities to improve our business processes, and along the way find new markets for our products. We became more effective at our marketing efforts, delivering messages that clients could relate to, in ways that maximized the impact.

And we didn’t back down.

The good people at Legacy Marketing Group played a huge part in our success this past year, and for that we are very grateful. We are even more grateful to find out that Legacy has chosen us as their IMO of the year. My father Ron, my brother Jon, and I both agree this is one of the highest honors our company has ever received in its 38 years of business. We have an excellent team, and appreciate that they have been formally recognized by an industry leader such as Legacy.

We have been working with Legacy ever since they started in the fixed annuities business, 25 years ago. Our companies have built an exemplary rapport over the years. In short, if you don’t know Legacy, WE DO. We know their products, their processes, and how they will help you grow your annuities practice.

And so, on behalf of Jon and myself, I thank you: to our excellent producers and their clients; to our amazing staff; and most of to Preston, Lynda, and everyone at Legacy; thank you.

With kindest regards,
Trent Davis
Davis Life & Annuity

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