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TWO ingenious strategies. TWO informative webinars. Watch them here!

It’s your best week ever! Not just one, but TWO of the most cutting-edge financial planning strategies unveiled in learning sessions held exclusively at Davis Life & Annuity.

Session 1: LTC Strategies that Work!

Davis Life & Annuity’s Life Marketing Executive Mike Deon hosts industry expert Jaime Mueller of AIN to discuss what is, quite simply, the most original and versatile LTC planning strategy to come around in a long time.

Session 2: Maximize Nonqualified Assets with i4LIFE

Davis Life & Annuity’s Director of Annuity Marketing PJ Behrens hosts annuity pros Thea Marasa-Scafidi and Craig Geiger of Lincoln Financial to introduce i4LIFE, an income maximization tool that turns planned income into a lifetime income stream of unbelievable value.

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