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NAFA Media Report

Week of 9 April to 15 April 2018
Print and Digital Media Coverage (Click here to download the PDF)

NAFA Announces Search for New Executive Director

“The Board of Directors for the National Association for Fixed Annuities, NAFA, announced yesterday that they are beginning a search for a new Executive Director. After careful consideration of the association’s long-term goals, which will focus on growth, expanded advocacy and engagement on behalf of fixed annuities and the annuity industry, it was determined that it was time to seek a new Executive Director.”

For Single Women’s Confidence, Try Annuities

13 April 2018 –Allison Bell – ThinkAdvisor

“The outlook of the female survey participants who reported owning annuities was much different from the outlook of the male participants who owned annuities.”


ON THE MONEY: An introduction to annuities

13 April 2018 – Greg Roberts – Aiken Standard

“In developing an allocation strategy for your investment assets, the first question to consider is: how willing are you to take investment risks in your retirement portfolio?”


Retirement Insurance Products Are Disappearing. And That’s Dangerous. (Subscription Required)

13 April 2018 – Bejamin Harris – Wall Street Journal

“The market for retirement insurance products is slowly and silently disappearing. From annuities to long-term-care insurance to employer-provided health insurance, insurance products are becoming both less available and less popular.”


Nonbuyers Like Annuities, So Why Aren’t They Buying?

12 April 2018 – Susan Rupe – InsuranceNewsNet

“When we look at the buyers, significantly more of them had a written retirement plan than the nonbuyers had [this helps lead them to the right solutions, such as annuity products, if needed, in retirement.”


The Future of the ERISA Fiduciary Rule

12 April 2018 – Staff – JDSupra

“The future of the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary rule is in limbo following the Fifth Circuit’s decision striking it down “in toto.”


SEC to Take Up Fiduciary Proposal on April 18

Sneak peek at new SEC advice standard sparks hope, concern (InvestmentNews)

11 April 2018 – Melanie Waddell – ThinkAdvisor

“The Securities and Exchange Commission plans to consider the agency’s long-awaited — and much anticipated — fiduciary proposal on (April 18th).”


3 Reasons Tax Season Is THE Time to Talk About Annuities

10 April 2018 – Chris Conklin – ThinkAdvisor

“Currently, your clients are facing the stress of tax season. They’re gathering documents, filing forms and hoping that, in the end, they get a refund. Throughout the whole process, clients are also getting a reminder of how much tax they are paying on the income produced by their investments. This combination creates the perfect environment for bringing up the tax-deferred nature of annuities.”


5 Top Q1 Annuity Earnings Wild Cards

10 April 2018 –Allison Bell – ThinkAdvisor

“A team of analysts at Morgan Stanley recently published a look at other factors that might cause some issuers’ first-quarter earnings to be higher, or lower, than expected. We’ve posted a look at five of those factors in the slideshow “gallery” above.”


For Retirement, Employees Prefer Steady Paycheck over Managing Their Own Investments

10 April 2018 – Press Release – BusinessWire

“When asked if they would rather have their employer provide a set retirement paycheck for life or provide them with money to invest themselves, the steady paycheck wins by 58% to 42%.”


Guaranteed income tops boomers’ retirement wish list

Boomers With Advisors, Annuities Are More Retirement-Ready (ThinkAdvisor)

9 April 2018 – Mary Beth Franklin – InvestmentNews

“Seven in 10 boomers said it is very important for retirement income to be guaranteed for life, yet only 14% plan to purchase an annuity with a portion of their 401(k) or IRA and only 3% have done so.”


Old strategy with a new twist: Dollar cost averaging and annuities

9 April 2018 – Tim Seifert – InvestmentNews

“Today’s investors fall on a spectrum when it comes to their tolerance for risk. Most, roughly two-thirds, are moderate risk takers, while about 1 in 10 are high risk takers and the remaining quarter are very risk averse.”


The NAFA Media Report features a summary of the previous week’s fixed annuity media coverage as compiled by NAFA’s Director of Research, Dr. Jack Marrion. NAFA welcomes your contributions and suggested additions. If you would like NAFA to share an article on your behalf, please send your request to

This report is available to NAFA Premier Partners and their employees, as well as all NAFA Supporting Partners. If you are a Premier Partner, you’re encouraged to share and distribute this with your agents and may do so under your brand with appropriate attribution to NAFA and Jack Marrion. Download this document in its original PDF format here.

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