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Easier underwriting. Happier clients.
Nationwide® Intelligent Underwriting1 is a streamlined approach to the life insurance application process designed to provide your clients with coverage when they need it. It’s a faster, more efficient underwriting process that:

  • Reduces the time to reach an underwriting decision
  • Minimizes the number of attending physician statements needed
  • Cuts down the amount of time you and your staff spend on paperwork
  • Eliminates the need to talk to clients about their personal medical history

BGAs can now access the Intelligent Underwriting process through a new paper application form bundle — download our ‘how to’ guide here. Learn how Intelligent Underwriting can help your clients by viewing our video or downloading our process guide.

1Nationwide Intelligent Underwriting is subject to state and firm approvals.

More growth may be possible in this market. Show your clients why.
Current economic indicators suggest that we’re in the late expansion phase of the business cycle – and that it isn’t over yet. View this 35 second client-approved video to help your clients feel confident about our current market environment.

Use our Portfolio Builder tool, powered by Morningstar®, to design a portfolio with one of our best investment lineups ever, available in the Nationwide® VUL Accumulator and Nationwide VUL Protector.

New tool makes it easy to explain IUL for income
Our new Nationwide IUL Accumulator Quick Estimator lets you prepare a quick estimate of the premium needed to reach a target income goal. It’s online with a 3-page print-out you can share with clients. Click here to try it today.
Life insurance payment changes, effective July 1
Effective July 1, 2018, Nationwide will modify policies for life insurance policy payments to guard against fraud and money laundering. “Bank cards” include both credit and debit cards. Changes include:

  • Types of payments: Only the payment of premium will be permitted. Bankcard payments will not be accepted for loan repayments or payments to the Advanced Premium Fund (APF).
  • The frequency of payments: The payment mode will determine how often a bankcard can be used to make a payment. For example, a policy on Quarterly Mode is limited to a maximum of four bankcard payments per year.
  • The timing of payments: Bankcard payments can be made a maximum of 45 days prior to the premium due date.

We’re here to help – For more information, please call our sales desk.

NEW — The Advanced Sales Journal
Helping you stay current on industry trends, tax rules and regulations, and planning techniques, brought to you by the Advanced Consulting Group of Nationwide. In this issue read about:

  • Potential problems for BOLI/COLI life insurance
  • IRS releases Priority Guidance Plan as of 12/31/17
  • Understanding the tax impact of sales to cooperatives
  • Charitable planning opportunities under the new tax law
  • Why cash indemnity benefits hedge the unknown future of the caregiving industry
Innovation for our members: Nationwide to host hackathon
Nationwide will tap Silicon Valley tech innovators who have a broad range of experience to help accelerate the digitization of the company’s core and adjacent businesses. Through its partnership with AngelHack, a leading organizer of technology-focused collaboration events, Nationwide will host a hackathon to drive solutions to benefit its insurance and financial services customers.
Read more here.
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