About Us

Davis Life & Annuity focuses on relationships, not just the relationship between our marketing team and our producers, but the relationship between the client and his or her loved ones, between producer and client, and of course, between our company and the carriers we represent. We strive to ensure that cases are placed readily and correctly, and that our producers get the best products available to fit their client needs. We know that our company cannot grow and thrive unless our producers’ books of business are growing and thriving, too.

From the inception of our company in 1980, our focus has been to provide the highest quality products and services available, delivered with integrity and honesty. Every member of our team is dedicated to helping producers reach their professional goals. We partner with like-minded insurance professionals who desire to build their client relationships based on trust and integrity. We provide solutions based on long-term planning, not transnational sales.

Give Davis Life & Annuity the opportunity to work with you on your next case. We’ll put forth every effort to build your business and earn your trust — something we’ve done throughout our 38-year history; and something that has earned us a reputation as a respected leader in the financial services industry.

Proud Members of:
  • AIN (Advantage Insurance Network) $500 million/annual target life premium
  • The MV Group $3 billion in annual annuity sales
  • NAFA
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