PJ Behrens, Director of Annuity Marketing

PJ spent 16 years in banking operations before diving into the annuity business in 1997 with a national wholesaling firm. “It was what they call ‘baptism by fire,’” said PJ, “no training program, just pick up the phone and dial for dollars.” Being a sponge for knowledge through hands-on agent interaction allowed her to move on to assist with recruiting for a national concept developer. But bigger and better things were ahead.

After a short stint with an insurance carrier, where she gained home office experience, PJ joined Davis Life & Annuity in February 2003 and never looked back. Her passion for this business and zest for life bleed into every conversation she has whether it’s with an agent, prospective agent or home office representative. Her desire to make every relationship the best it can be is the priority of each and every day.

PJ has a grown daughter and son, a step-daughter and two step-sons. With this crew comes grandchildren and at press time the count was ten. The mix includes four boys and six girls, with the oldest being 11 and the youngest being 4 months old, each with their own unique personality. In her spare time, which really doesn’t exist because taking care of her family happens when she isn’t in the office, she loves to cook for family and friends, enjoy time ‘at the lake’ and time in Scottsdale when it’s really cold and snowy in Iowa.

Many producers who work with her marvel at her natural energy and enthusiasm. She’s often asked, “Have you had a lot of coffee?” to which the consistent answer is, “nope, just pretty pumped about life is all.”

Call PJ at(800) 747-5612.