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New System Uncovers the Real Cost of Annuity Income Riders (It’s not what you think)

Most of you sell annuity income riders. In fact, we estimate that more than half of ALL annuity sales feature some type of income rider. With that said, did you know income riders can cost both you and your clients substantial future income? It’s surprising, I know, but there is a solution.

Cue The Income Maximizer:

This exclusive system from Davis Life & Annuity, works in 3 major ways:

  • It reveals the riders’ true cost over it’s lifetime (using clients’ information for customized figures)
  • It shows the potential in lost income when compared to more cost-effective products; AND
  • It helps you win the case over any income-planning competitor.
  • Best of all (we think so anyway), the system provides a legitimate door-opener for future sales and commissions for you!

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    Now that you have the scoop, here’s how to get your FREE customized illustration (example above):

    Call 800-747-5612 or email me @ TODAY!

    Mention that you saw The Income Maximizer on our website. I’ll immediately give you all the details you need to start using it for free – preferably before your next annuity sale!

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