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This is an educational event provided at no cost to advisors contracted with Simplicity Des Moines. Accommodations and meals covered as follows: overnight lodging for October 23-24, 2023 with accompanying meals during the hours of the conference. Incidental costs and/or additional nights are the responsibility of the attendee. A fee will be charged for cancellations without 24-hours notice, or for early departure. Attendees must provide credit card information upon check-in for this purpose. For reimbursement of travel expenses, a copy of the attendee's flight itinerary with proof of payment must be submitted. If driving, a mileage reimbursement form must be completed for reimbursement. Simplicity Des Moines will reimburse up to $700 of eligible travel expenses upon conclusion of the event. *Local is considered any driven distance less than 50 miles, round trip, per 2023 IRS guidelines.