The SIMposium presentation slides are here!

Thank you again for attending SIMposium. We have the PowerPoint slides you are looking for, right here. Please note that some carriers’ compliance procedures do not allow us to post their slides. I have added the contact information so that you may reach out to our carrier reps to get alternate materials instead.

Jason Jenkins,Simplicity Group: Top Advisor Training
Jason Jenkins’ own time-tested methods of connecting with clients and earning their trust, resulting in both increased sales and better client relations.
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Kate Oberbillig, Simplicity Group: Client education programs with PROVEN results.
Materials available upon request
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Patrick Kelly, Simplicity Group: Tax-free retirement is real and attainable.
Comparable materials available upon request
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Jason Goodrich, EquiTrust: Index Annuity Products at a Glance
Materials available upon request.
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Anthony Holen, North American (life): North American and Simplicity – Life Insurance Products and Sales Strategies
North American has proven repeatedly to be the best insurance option for clients whose options are otherwise limited, as well as for candidates who want extremely competitive products.
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Bill Ellis, Mutual of Omaha:Mutual of Omaha Product and Sales Updates
Mutual of Omaha’s sterling reputation for quality products and service is well-deserved. But many consumers do not realize that Mutual of Omaha is also one of the most economical and versatile choices for life insurance, too.
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Austin Eller, North American (annuities): coming soon

Danielle Davis & Myles Bellow, F & G Life (life):coming soon

Jason Krohnke, American Equity:coming soon

Lance Larsen, Ameritas: Right Company, Right Product(s), Right Time!
Innovative uses for longstanding products are a hallmark of Ameritas. Discover creative ways to resolve your clients’ needs with very competitive products.
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Colton Kruger, Allianz: Product and Sales Updates
Materials available upon request.
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Ryan Marcum, F & G Life (annuity):coming soon