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How do I contract with a new carrier?

How do I contract with a new carrier?

Answer: Each company has it’s own set of requirements that an agent must complete before they are allowed to submit new business. Please watch this informative video about how easy it is to contract with Davis Life & Annuity. Then, click any of the links below to view information about some of our top carriers and their requirements.

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What can clients do to prepare for the examination and blood tests?

Answer: The following are suggested to help your clients get the best results:

  • Schedule exams, when ever possible, in the morning.
  • Get a good nights rest the night before the exam.
  • Allow sufficient time to arrive and relax before the exam.
  • Fasting for blood tests should be 12 hours when possible.
  • No alcohol for 24 hours prior to the examination.
  • No non-prescribed (over the counter) drugs for 24 hours prior to the exam.
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea, soft drinks) prior to the exam.
  • Avoid tobacco (might raise blood pressure) 3 hours prior to the exam.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise 24 hours prior to the exam.
  • When voiding a urine specimen make sure it is not the first specimen of the day.
  • If your client has large or muscular arms, make sure a wide arm cuff is used when the blood pressure is taken.
  • If the first blood pressure reading is elevated, have your client take some relaxing deep breaths before the next reading.
Why does an underwriter ask for additional requirements after they have had the case for a few weeks?

Answer: Most of the time this is caused by the underwriter picking up additional pertinent information from a source just received such as the Attending Physician Statement (APS). Often times, your client has seen other doctors and this is mentioned in the report causing a new request.

Are there ways to avoid this from happening?

Answer: There are ways to significantly reduce the number of times this happens. The best way to avoid these delays is to become a good field underwriter. It’s a good idea to always ask the medical questions on the application being sure to get a complete listing of doctors, addresses and phone numbers. Keep in mind, if your client is above age 55, there is a good chance they have seen more than 1 doctor. Also, make sure there are no aviation, avocation, driving or foreign travel issues.

Do underwriters read cover letters?

Answer: Absolutely! It is normally the first document to be read by an underwriter and can set the tone for your case. A good cover letter explains special circumstances of the case and should highlight the positives. Think of cover letters as the map you want the underwriter to follow on your case.

Should I illustrate Preferred or Preferred Best?

Answer: It depends on your particular case but considering that Preferred Best is issued less than 35% of the time in many companies, you may be creating an expectation that will not be met. It may be better to under promise and over deliver instead of the alternative. This is especially true if your client is in the older age group.


2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”

  1. I am looking for an FMO or IMO for my Life and Annuity business that has search capabilities, and knowledge to help with non-standard life cases. I have an agency with one agent and would like to expand that to 10-15 by year end. The senior market is a large part of my business now, especcially since I turned 65 last year, but it amazes me how many of these individuals need annuities and life insurance, and also how referrals help expand business. I continue to do educational seminars for Medicare. I would like to know what the commission schedule would be for the companies you have.
    Thank you, Don Smith

    1. This is a good question. Commission schedules can be addressed by calling 800-747-5612 and asking to speak to a life or annuity marketer, depending on the products you wish to sell. Our marketers will help you contract with the best carriers for your business and client needs, and do everything the can to expedite the contracting and placement processes.

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